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‘When you’re in the bottle, you can't read the label on the outside’

This is a simple and powerful quote that highlights exactly how tough it is to navigate one's own blind spots - especially in the field of leadership where all eyes are on you. Equanimous coaching partnerships offer the critical ingredients of feedback and guidance to achieve sustainable transformation.

Our partnerships are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and self-driven leaders seeking a personal betterment challenge and offer a deep and highly rewarding process of reintegration and self-actualisation. Would you like to unleash your superhuman capacities, ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, or even just start feeling more human? Then a coaching partnership is for you.

How can we best motivate and succeed if we don’t intimately understand our internal drivers, the nuances of what human it means to be human and then apply this context to better manage ourselves and lead our teams? What are the limiting beliefs that exist in you, what tolerations cap your potential? Would you like to learn how to be Equanimous - have stable and balanced mindset - in every kind of situation or event that triggers you? Have you ever considered how much time you spend on disparate activity each day - things you’re not committed to that prevent you from not performing at your best? What your unique purpose for being here is? Just some of the questions we believe all leaders should firmly grasp and form a key aspect of our approach.


1 to 1 business leader coaching programs


Typically 3-5 member small group coaching programs

Coaching packages begin with 6 week trials partnerships and extend to 6 months and beyond.

Training & Development

We appreciate running any business or organisation is complex, and at the soul of any group is its people. One of our core beliefs is that the whole person turns up to work. Not just a persona (the mask we wear) that checks in for 8 hours. The capacity to create a clear, calm and at ease mindset, better capable of navigating life's hurdles is essential to the wellbeing of individuals, groups and uplifting overall organisational performance. A considerable element of Equanimous’ enhancement programs specialise in the study of what it means to be human and applying this context to oneself and others. Results definitively show that by crafting this awareness and greater equanimity we positively impact our ability to relate, communicate and perform.

Combined with powerful set of self-awareness and management tools, our team firmly stands for and expect to be measured on, our ability to achieve a rapid improvement in communicative capacity, engagement and motivation, improved attitudes, capacity to manage change, and a dramatic improvement in morale and sense of purpose.


Pilot the Equanimous experience with our dynamic and highly engaging transformational team development experience. We’ll quickly offload a set of tools that trigger meaningful and sustained change. Group dynamics will never be the same. * Typically designed for groups of 8-12


Do you believe business needs to be filled with leaders that are calm, focused and centred, who understand our demeanor communicates much to those around us? So do we. Did you know humans actually don't learn much by being told? Actually, most of what we learn is transmitted through observing actions. So to motivate groups our actions must align with stated our vision, mission, purpose and core values. Much of our Leadership enhancement retreats focus specifically on who we are being as leaders and how we show up. Put your leadership through the test.

our approach

Within hours we can impart a clear and concise leadership framework with tools, strategies, insights and methods that trigger meaningful and sustained change. Our partnerships are highly intentional and personalized to best deliver your desired breakthroughs.

The Equanimous ethos is that if you're prepared to invest in transformation, then we're committed to guaranteeing the results are sustainable. You will become embodied with new performance capabilities that can be put to use and drawn upon at any moment. We call these living methods.

equanimous consulting


From conversation to research, we’ll tailor-make a personalised solution that best fits your aspirations

equanimous training


Introduce your teams or groups to Equanimous principles that enhance self-leadership skills to better perform at work and life, while harmonising team dynamics.

equanimous coaching


Hone and sharpen greater mental stability and skills in leadership by navigating blinds spots, and receiving continuous feedback with our personalised coaching

equanimous healing

Well Being

Discover the power of pause to revivify your operational rhythm with our mindfulness and awareness practices. Neuroscience studies show this is an essential element sustained wellbeing and development.

Do you like to meet halfway? So do we, and that's our guarantee

If we’re unable to achieve the deep impact and development we map out and mutually commit to, then you won’t pay.

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